Can I Make A Photocopy At My Local Library?

Even in today’s electronic world, there are still times when I need to make some photocopies. There might be a document that I need to copy for my records, or I might want to have my own copy of a magazine article or passage from a book. Using a Xerox machine is the easiest way to do so.

Fortunately, I can still make photocopies at my local public library. Doing so is much cheaper in general than taking my material to a local copy shop. Each copy only costs 10 cents at the library, and they actually give you the first five copies for free.

It is pretty easy to make the copies that I need when I go to the library. The only problem sometimes is remembering to bring enough change. The machines only take coins, not bills, so I have to be sure that I bring plenty of dimes and nickels or else I am out of luck.

Making copies is a very fast and convenient way to record information that may not be available in digital form. This is yet another great service that is offered at a very low cost from my local public library.


How Can I View eBooks in Books 24×7?

Books24x7, a subsidiary product of SkillSoft(a company that offers e-learning and other solutions), is a database full of ebooks and text in various fields such as business, information technology and computing. To be more technical, the Books24x7 Platform offers on demand and instant to over 25,000 ebooks in text, in 4 collections namely; EngineeringPro, BusinessPro, IT Pro and FinancePro. Ideally, the platform offers book summaries and research reports. The platform allows tables downloads in excel format which can be manipulated further.

With this platform, you can be able to organize, label, highlight, bookmark and even take notes in individual resources. You can also be able to browse resources by topic or search by keyword.

So, how can you view an electronic book in Books 24×7?

Well, in order to restrict too many downloads, the platform requires you to login doe each an every session. To access eBooks you must do the following.

– Go to the Login page or registration page.
-Create a personal login to access the site and then search for eBooks.

Keep in mind that you must agree to the membership agreement to be able to register, so go through it carefully.


Why Am I Not Getting My Library Notices By Email

I check out a lot of books from my local public library and always have. Over the years I have probably checked out thousands of books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs, and I always try to make sure that I get them back on time. I do not like having to pay overdue fines on the materials that I use.

However, I recently wondered why I was not getting my notices via email, as I thought that I should be. I discovered this when I returned a book and found out that it was a few days overdue. The library was supposed to email me when a book was due so that I could return it on time.

I went to the library and asked about the problem. It turned out that they did not have my current email address. I guess that I must have forgotten to change it when I switched to a different ISP. I felt kind of silly about this.

Now that they have my new address, I am getting all of my notices again in a timely fashion. Thanks to these messages, I never have to worry about having overdue materials again.


How Can I View An Electronic Book?

When the ebook craze first began, I was flummoxed. How do you read these things, anyway? Turns out there are many ways to read an electronic book. The most popular way is to buy an e-reader and either load or buy your books through that. Amazon Kindle, Nook, and Kobo are all very popular brands. However, you can always view them on your computer as well. It helps to have a PDF viewer on your computer, which should come standard these days anyway. Thanks to ebooks, I can now read so many of my favorite books with ease.


Where Do My Books And Other Items Get Returned?

When I need to return books or other items that I bought online, I try using the help desk of the service hosting the sales. If it’s a big name site, they generally won’t give me too much trouble and will cut their losses. If I work with people that are just sellers from their homes, it may be a whole other story with them. I’m just happy to work with returning things if they are broken, but if the shipping is far too much then I just chalk it up as a loss.


How To Find A Library Branch Location And Hours Of Operation

I have always been an avid supporter of my local library branch, but I have noticed that a lot of my friends and family don’t know where the local library is or its hours of operation. However in a few quick steps, you can obtain both bits of information.

First, perform a search on Google using your location and just the term ‘library’. This will bring up any major library branch in your area. The information displayed will include a map, phone number, hours of operation, and a website.

During holidays or inclement weather, I tend to give my library a call to check if they’re open and if so, for how long. Further information is always available on the website, so it helps to peruse it.


How I Try To Recommend Purchases

I was looking at how I could recommend purchases to other people and I got a feeling it would be hard to do. However, I started to pay attention to what my friends wanted and needed, and it was very easy for me to start telling them about things I read about or saw at the store.

Recommending something to people that I know isn’t good can sometimes happen. Just studying reviews and things of that nature help me to talk about what it does and what problems could arise. If I’ve used it and it worked good, I will always recommend that product.


Why We Need The Book of Mormon In Our Lives

The Book of Mormon is another testament to Jesus. When combined with the Bible, the two books provide a powerful level of testimony to the preaching of Jesus Christ. It is important to remember that He gave us both of these books.

The Book is also a blessing on this Earth and provides people with another way to become closer to God. It can change the life of people who read it and it can also change the life of the people that it is shared with. It is a blessing on this Earth.



Now that yr end and tax season is over, it’s time to sit down and review your books and plans for the next year. I love tax time but not for the reasons you may expect. I love it because it gives me a chance to connect with my clients (I’m a virtual bookkeeper specializing in bookkeeping for Internet Marketers) and help them implement any simple tricks and strategize to help get their books in shape.

Here are my top 5 bookkeeping secrets:

1. Keep an audit trail: I know, fancy bookkeeping word (scary to any because of the word audit) but an audit trail is simply a record of all your invoices, checks and expenses in numeric order. Does it sound daunting? Don’t worry – there are many options to choose from when it comes to bookkeeping software. My personal favorite: Quickbooks.

2. Due date reminders: Use your Outlook calendar, Trumba, Google calendar, wall calendar. . . anything! Be sure to set reminders for bills that are due, tax remittance deadlines, payroll remittance deadlines. You could save thousands of dollars per yr simply by paying your bills on time (not to mention keep your credit rating in check).

3. Bank statements: With the advent of the internet, e-bills are all the rage. Sure it’s eco friendly but if you ever get audited, the auditor is going to want to see physical copies of everything, not digital. So at the very least, you should request a bank statement be mailed to you.

4. Keep good records: Too many business owners don’t keep good records. Bookkeeping is the glue that keeps your business together. Without good books, you cannot make financially sound decisions for your business.

5. Computer software: The biggest mistake people make is not taking the time to set up the software correctly when they install it on their computers. If you want a financial report you can trust, you will need to be sure it is set up correctly from the start.

Incorporating these simple strategies into your bookkeeping cycle will help streamline the books and make bookkeeping more enjoyable.



In my last article I discussed various promotion strategies for your eBay store one of which was using your eBay About Me Page. Your About Me Page is one of the best ways to promote yourself on eBay. It allows you much more freedom than other eBay pages and there is a link to it beside your eBay User ID so mostly all time you buy an item, place a bid etc, people may click on it. Despite this it is one of the most underutilised pages for the majority of ebook sellers. In this article I will discuss how you should be using your eBay About Me Page to effectively promote your eBay store:
1) Describe yourself and your Ebook Business:- At the top of the page you should describe yourself and your ebook business. Say a little about yourself, how you got into selling on eBay, and what you sell. Also say why people should buy from you instead of the competition. Examples could be that your eBay store is updated mostly all week, your prices are low etc.
2) Link to your Feedback:- To prove that you are a trusted seller you should link to your feedback rating from your About Me page. Just include a simple sentence like “Click Here to view my feedback. “
3) Provide a Contact Address:- Buyers viewing your About Me page may need to ask more questions so it is only logical that you provide a contact address. Make it clickable for maximum ease to the customer. For example “You can contact me at any time at: sales@theebookcavern. co. uk. ”
4) Provide a direct link back to your eBay Store:- Not all the visitors to your About Me page will have found it through your eBay store. Some may not even be aware that you own an eBay store. The only way to make sure that everyone viewing your About Me page knows that you have an eBay store is to provide a clickable link to it. For example “Click Here to visit my eBay store. “
5) Other Links:- If you have a specific auction which you need to promote, or a specific page you need to link to then do it here. For example “You can visit my super duper auction by Clicking Here. “
If you follow the steps in this article then you should be well on your way to maximising the effectiveness of your eBay About Me page. Many customers will use your About Me page to assess whether to buy from you so it’s essential that yours is effective. Till next time good luck with your ebook sales and take care!!!



Most people probably think of bookkeeping and accounting as the same thing, but bookkeeping is really one function of accounting, although accounting encompasses many functions involved in managing the financial affairs of a business. Accountants prepare reports based, in part, on the work of bookkeepers.

Bookkeepers perform all manner of record-keeping tasks. Some of them include the following:

-They prepare what are referred to as source documents for all the operations of a business – the buying, selling, transferring, paying and collecting. The documents include papers such as purchase orders, invoices, credit card slips, time cards, time sheets and expense reports. Bookkeepers also determine and enter in the source documents what are named the financial effects of the transactions and other business events. Those include paying the employees, making sales, borrowing money or buying products or raw materials for production.

-Bookkeepers also make entries of the financial effects into journals and accounts. These are two different things. A journal is the record of transactions in chronological order. An accounts is a separate record, or page for each asset and each liability. One transaction can affect several accounts.

-Bookkeepers prepare reports at the end of specific period of time, such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. To do this, all the accounts need to be up to date. Inventory records must be updated and the reports checked and double-checked to make certain that they are as error-free as possible.

-The bookkeepers also compile complete listings of all accounts. This is named the adjusted trial balance. While a small business may have a hundred or so accounts, very large businesses can have more than 10,000 accounts.

-The final step is for the bookkeeper to close the books, which means bringing all the bookkeeping for a fiscal year to a close and summarized.


That Coupon Book

Want to enjoy with your family but worried about your budget here is family discount coupon book is filled 100’s of discount coupon with all sort of discount available offering you big saving on restaurant, shopping, entertainment, malls and many more.

Family discount coupon book has most of discount like 2 for 1 deal, which is the real a great saving for anyone who plans for holidays with family. Most the quality discount coupons are there if it’s not a quality offering you great value, such discounts are not there in coupon book.

With family discount coupon book you can have food at a great restaurant, go for an shopping at big malls, together can go to watch a movie at theaters and play at fabulous golf courses while saving hundreds of dollars, which earlier never have been possible for us.

Family discount coupon book allows you to quickly save hundreds of dollars. Save more at restaurants, Take the kids to Old Pro Golf and save on each visit, Golf at several local courses and more. Many of the coupons can be used multiple times or for several people at once. Only coupons that offer serious savings make it into the book so that one can enjoy fullest and his savings.

This book has complete list of discount coupon and it is easily available you can also find it online where all the details are given so that one can enjoy all the facilities available with online. When you use the Coupon Book on your next vacation, you’ll return home with more dollars in your pocket.

Anna Josephs is a freelance journalist having experience of many years writing articles and news releases on various topics such as pet health, automobile and social issues. She also has great interest in poetry and paintings, hence she likes to write on these subjects as well. Currently writing for this website Borders Coupon Book. For more details please contact at annajosephs@gmail. com


Children’s Book

Wooffer is a collection of thirty-three short animal-adventure children stories originally written by Betty Fasig for her family. The center character is Wooffer, a hairy dachshund puppy that “mom”, the author, receives as a surprise Xmas gift from her fun-loving family.

A host of animals grace the pages of Wooffer, including Old Agnes the mouse, thoughtful and protective Margaret the hen, Marygrey the pregnant rabbit, a proud and endearing peacock named Cho Lee whoever loves to strut his stuff and falls in love with a quail, and best friends Ibie the Ibis and Maudie the horse.

The stories are thoughtfully placed in chronological order, right down to the season. It even includes a Xmas story! This is a book about a puppy that changes the opinions of those around him, wins hearts and becomes a reliable, heroic friend. Wooffer earns respect from all the animals for miles around and becomes a bit of a legend by the time he grows up.

Generally warm, fun and light-hearted, Wooffer also tackles real-life issues from moving, loneliness, gaining respect, discerning truth from what one is told, getting lost, overcoming bullies and more.

Having spent a few years on a farm in my youth, I view germs of truth in the animal relationships and can verify the strange and excellent bonds that happen between species. The epilogue provides a nice closure by revealing how all the animals still return to the same area annually and spend time with Wooffer and his friends discussing the old times and having new adventures.

Inserted occasionally are several adorable amateur drawings of life and adventures on the farm that are sure to entertain children. The cover is a photograph of the inspiration for the main character – the author’s dog – which gives a more realistic feel to the book than a characterization or drawing could have done.

The book’s underlying theme is that no matter how small a person may think they are, or how small of a thing they may do – they can make a difference to the lives of those around them. And this is an encouraging thought.

Wooffer is an excellent book for bedtime stories, but will be best enjoyed when reading to groups of children. Written in such a way that the reader can easily characterize the animals and situations with their voice, the book is sure to bring giggles of joy to groups of children. As such, I think Wooffer would be an excellent addition to the bookshelves of libraries, schools, daycare centers and the like.

ISBN#: 1-4137-5587-9
Author: Betty Fasig
Publisher: Publish America


The Notebook

Buying a gaming notebook is a little different to buying a general purpose one. There are certain things that need to be looked at to ensure you get a notebook that will meet your gaming needs. Be warned gaming laptops can be rather pricy and is not for those that are budget conscious.

The most obvious consideration when buying a gaming notebook would of course be the quality of the video card. General purpose notebooks have minimal graphics processing power and therefore cannot cater to most modern games. The video card will need to have at least 128mb of RAM and have a fairly good processing speed. The video card is the heart of a gaming notebook so the getting a notebook with a good video card is important.

Another consideration would be the amount of system RAM the notebook has. For general purposes such as browsing the internet or word processing 256mb is enough. However for a decent gaming notebook you will need 1gb of RAM or more if possible. Most modern games will use 1gb where some will use even more. A good amount of RAM is essential to play today’s modern games.

Battery power is also essential. With a good video card and a fair amount of system RAM the notebook will need enough power to run all these components. Getting a high quality battery will ensure you will not be searching for a power-point everywhere you go. If possible it is best to get a notebook accommodates a second battery. Gaming uses a lot of power compared to other mundane tasks so ensuring your notebook has ample power is not to be overlooked.

Buying a gaming laptop can be simple if you watch out for the points mentioned above. Most manufacturers have pre-built gaming configurations. These configurations can end up costing less compared to custom built notebooks but can also be lacking in some aspects.


Free Ebook Download

No one needs to know all of the ranking criteria in order to get to the top of search engine lists. In fact, even if you were extremely good at it, Google could and will change algorithms at anytime. The game of getting to the first page can be complicated, but doesn’t need to be. “PJ” is prepared to explain in his free report, just how easy it can be. “This information is very helpful to both the novice setting out to sell his or her product for the very first time, or perhaps the more experienced Internet salesperson who is frustrated with the costs of the high profile SEO professionals”.

“It will take perseverance, patience and the willingness to trust in the methods that have been proven time and time again,” PJ says. “Also, although you will not advance to the top overnight, it’s going to be much quicker than you think”.

Paying for the top position rarely works – the most desirable search engine doesn’t allow it, and users ignore the paid-for listings anyway (just like they ignore banner ads). Beautiful graphics and stunning animations usually reduce your search engine ranking! Massive lists of repetitive keywords don’t work – search engines use natural language syntax checking and frequency analysis to eliminate such pages from consideration.

PJ resides in a Eden Prairie, Minnesota which is an upscale suburb just outside of Minneapolis. He has been interested in Search Engine placement for quite any time. Now , finally he says he is prepared to “spill all the beans” to those interested in his years of research. “Be ready”, he says, “You’re going to be surprised to see just how simple it is”. For a FREE EBOOK detailing the fastest way to the top of the search engine, visit:
http://www. ride-to-the-top. com and
http://www. 1stepsystem-premier. com


That Used Book Store

I have this two book ideas that I am working on. Now, I am not a book writer nor am I any good at it.

To bring a novel from inception to publication can take two or three years.

In today’s fast moving publishing world, few editors and agents are willing to work with a new author on the basis of an outline and sample.

You have to be able to show you can deliver what you promise.

I keep putting the idea away and it seems like I keep on returning to it.

‘Everyone has a book in them’ is a frequently stated belief. It may be true, but it’s the getting it out that matters.

Many people need to become novelists, but there is a crucial difference between most of them and me.

I have made a start, shown a positive interest and commitment. I have worked for hours and have not given up yet.

Now you are thinking…where are we headed?

Bear with me here, I will get there.

I know my books will sell if they are written well. So I keep trying and trying, searching the internet for ideas and help.

And finally one day it clicked. So I wrote this article.

Here I am getting into something I never done before and I can not tell when I will reach my goal if ever.

So here is what I propose.

If anyone out there with book writing experience is willing to help and contribute, I can be found at vagr. com/Jackie for proposals. Any helping hand or ideas are welcome.

I am willing to go half and half all the way with you and share everything I have.

I know my ideas will sell so please let’s give them a shot.

Thanks and good luck.


That Coupon Book

Shopping might be fun especially when you buy something for less than its original cost. But getting something for less is not possible all the time. There might be times when you might end up with an expensive deal. One of the ideal ways to save your hard earned money is by using entertainment coupon book.

Entertainment coupon book is a book of discounts. This coupon book offers discounts on various entertainment stuffs like books, sports, vacations, restaurants, leisure activities and lots more. The basic idea of an entertainment coupon book is to help you save more money when you go out to enjoy with your dear ones. Most of the coupons in the coupon book are entertainment related and are good at restaurants, theme parks, theaters and more.

How to apply for an entertainment book
Entertainment coupon book has made online shopping far easier and cheap. There are number of sites that offer the service of an entertainment coupon book. Most you’ve to do is simply input your zip code and the service will display the entertainment coupon book for your area.

Features of entertainment coupon book
o There is $1000 in local savings in every book, to use these coupons, just present these coupons to participating business and get the discount. Save up to 50% and get 2-for-1 deals at top restaurants, shops, attractions, sporting events and more.
o Every Entertainment® Book comes with a complimentary membership card. Simply present your card at select restaurants, hotels and more to receive 20% savings.
o In addition to Entertainment Book coupons, you’ll find members-only online deals and printable coupons. You can print coupons right from your computer and get special online shopping discounts from top retailers. Plus, you can get unlimited motion picture ticket discounts, dining discounts, hotel discounts of up to 70% off rates, online coupons for travel discounts and much more.



I hear many people stating that we should not worry so much about protection and focus on our customers. Documents will be misused and that’s that. . . you cannot do anything about it!

Those saying this must not have much to lose or risk by this type of thinking. Or they have never really had their information stolen, distributed or otherwise exploited in a manner beyond their control. . . at least not to any large degree.

Because once it happens to you – once you view your file being passed around on illegally, it’s not so easy to ignore – or turn the other cheek. Especially if the material contributes largely to your income.

It is possible that if you are only selling a few $14 ebooks a month, misuse of your document is not as critical or important. But this thinking is not for everyone.

So the truth is, YES we should focus on our customers. But protecting your information does not mean ignoring, or lack of customer service.

The level of protection you must strive for should be tantamount to the perceived value and critical nature of the information. In other words, the more important the information, the more protection is warrants.

If you are lawyer sending a critical brief to your legal team, you cannot turn a blind eye if they document is misused.

If you are a designer sending your proprietary designs to a client, you cannot afford to have that document misused.

If you are a ghost writer and you send an unprotected manuscript to a client, you can only hope that they don’t take the information without paying.

So first consider the value of your material. Next ask yourself what kind of damage it could do to your company if that information or material was available freely.

Based on those answers, find a protection solution that fits your needs.